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Thanks for our header: Berenice Darrer

Berenice Darrer

Berenice Darrer


Berenice is a family firend since years and we are very thankful that she agreed to create our header. 


In our opinion, she's one of the greatest and most versatile painter in Vienna and all over Austria. 


Sie lives and works in Vienna


Das neueste Bild von Berenice darrer


Born in 1976 in Windhoek, Namibia, Berenice Darrer came to Vienna in 1982 and studied at the University for applied arts from 1995-2000. 


She was awarded with the promotional award of Lower Austria for her Master Work. Directly after her studies, Berenice had  exhibitions in Vienna,  Linz, Mailand, Tokyo, Berlin and more., and further awards like the Renault Art Award; Folling institutions bought her artwork:  Museo di Arte Moderna, Ferarra an dthe  Lentos Museum, Linz; Artist in Residance, Japan; Boston Consulting Group Art Award and Atelier Stipendium Spinnerei Leipzig. | Zur Kontaktseite

Bilder © Berenice Darrer


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