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Chinese Restaurant On with experimental cuisine


Many of us are stuck in everyday life routine. Some of us just give up, some try to find an inspiration. How about making your life a little bit better a simple way? Let’s say EAT your way to a better life, to a better you. As it’s said we are what we eat. Need an inspiration? – eat something inspiring! Need a new life philosophy?- eat something with a sense, with a new meaning.

Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant with a philosophy or with an experimental Chinese cuisine? The restaurant On beats every expectation. Its chef Simon Xie Hong is not afraid to mix and match, to give new meaning to traditional dishes.

The roots of the recipes offered here can be found in Wenzhou, the city at the South China seaside, an area dominated by fish, seafood and vegetables. These dishes are combined with fresh Austrian products. “Tuna tartar meets pumpkin seed oil. Sea bass meets Sauerkraut”. Unconventional, but easy digestible. Experimental, but not overloaded. One of a kind, that keeps you coming back for more. Maybe for more inspiration?


And you can start with a lunch here or a coffee-break with the newspapers, and of course with a dinner. Those who ate at On, might never ever want any other generic Chinese food. 

Wehrgasse 8 | 1050 Wien | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mon - Sat 12h00 - 24h00  | Sun | Holidays 12h00 - 22h30

U4 Kettenbrückengasse

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