Insider-tipps for special dining places in Vienna

What to do if you're tired of all traditional opportunities like take-away-pizza or fast-food-hamburgers? You'll find with us a small but very special assortment of non-habitual places for lunch, dinner or just a small café in between.

Hacienda Ephemer

 Unser Tipp für tolles mexikanisches Essen


Hacienda stands for the cozy, Mexican restaurant and the typical Mediterranean hospitality. Ephemer stands for the cultural aspect. The interested public is introduced to foreign art and culture through regular exhibitions and musical adventures.

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Das 1010 ist eine Mischung aus Bar, Restaurant und Café


When you step into, it's really hard to define what it is exactly -  a restaurant, a café, a bar? And that's what the owner wanted to open. But what you can definetely say: you will feel well in the 1010. the atmosphere offers a mixture beween neo-coffee-shop and Vintage-Look.  

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Stomach: cosy and comfortable Dining and wining in the 9th district of Vienna

You stomach will love it!


For me personally nothing can go wrong, if I eat at a place called “Stomach”. These guys should definitely know what they do. And it’s simply the best possible name for the restaurant! In English, of course. As for German, it’s said that the name ‘Stomach’ comes from the rearrangement of the word Tomaschek, the butcher’s shop originally located here.

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Radlager: bester italienischer Espresso mit tollen italienischen Fahhrädern

Italian bikes are best served with Italian coffee


Where in Vienna can you get the best espresso and latte? In the bike-shop, of course! Radlager sells vintage Italian race bikes, a few of Austrian legendary Puch bikes, modern steel ones and the finest Italian Coffee, which they brew on the legendary Italian espresso-machine Faema E61. BTW Faema has a long history of sponsoring cycling teams.

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Gasthaus Wickerl

Gasthaus Wickerl in the Porzellangasse in Vienna's 9th district


There is an old tradition of so called “guest-houses” in Vienna. If you haven’t been to one yet, try “Wickerl”. Typical local food is served in the typical local interior and, I guess, is spiced up with a local humour of waitresses.

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Garage 01

Garage 01: Bar-Restaurant in Berlin style

Berlin Style in the 3rd district

It looks somehow unfinished. And somehow not. The ladder in the corner fits perfectly and it acts on me more like a decoration than a working utensil that was left by mistake. I met spots in the style of a garage in Berlin and therefore the name fits perfectly: Garage 01.

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Restaurant On

Chinese Restaurant On with experimental cuisine


Many of us are stuck in everyday life routine. Some of us just give up, some try to find an inspiration. How about making your life a little bit better a simple way? Let’s say EAT your way to a better life, to a better you. As it’s said we are what we eat. Need an inspiration? – eat something inspiring! Need a new life philosophy?- eat something with a sense, with a new meaning.

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tart'a tata

Tart a tata - the french cafe and bakery as our secret address


Did you know that Viennese cuisine in 18th century was under the big influence of France? Even today many traditional restaurants in Vienna offer some French dishes to their guests. And overall French community is quite strong in Vienna. However, the most traditional culinary “landmark” of France, the croissant, came to France from Vienna!

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Coffee Pirates

Coffee Pirates: inhouse fresh roastet coffe in the 3rd wave cafe


Vienna is famous for its coffeehouse tradition and this was even declared by UNESCO as a cultural heritage in 2011. The motivation behind the coffee is simple: uncompromising quality. Coffee is a pleasure and should not be complicated - coffee should be fun and above all taste. And even if the CNN is one of the top coffee houses and coffeeshops in the world, they are definitely worth a visit!

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