ETHNOCINECA 2015: MAy 4th - 8th

Die Ethnocineca 2015 - Das Festival für ethnischen Dokumentarfilm

From the 4th till the 8th of May the ETHNOCINECA will turn Vienna’s VotivKino into a hotspot for documentary and ethnographic filmmaking: for five days we invite our audience, together with numerous international filmmakers, to explore the diversity of the genre.

Once again this year we focus on young documentary filmmaking and present to you the specialties and novelties of ethnographic film. A range of fringe events such as an interactive photo exhibition, discussions and parties will provide additional space to get to know each other, engage in dialogue and to exchange ideas.

Our expert jury, consisting of filmmaker Arash T. Riahi, artist Gerald Straub and social anthropologist Ulrike Davis-Sulikowski, has put together a program of 48 films that offers a unique chance to switch perspectives and engage in new experiences: unusual films find subtle ways to tell stories of lived human realities from all over the world. The broad range of filmmaking approaches allows diverse examinations of questions regarding the social and cultural life – perspectives which often fall short in the realm of everyday life. They touch upon subjects such as belonging and identity, dynamics such as migration and conflict, and changes in cultural practices and religious manifestations. The program combines artistic and aesthetic approaches, whilst inspiring an in-depth involvement with those themes from a more scientific, anthropological perspective.

Therefore the ETHNOCINECA understands itself as a place for dialogue that encourages its visitors to follow up on topics, to think creatively and to encounter what one might perceive as different or strange.

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