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Die Raumelfen - tasteful furniture that grows with your kid

Create a happy kids’ room

It's said that environment influences your kid’s development. Although you cannot drastically change the ‘outer space’, however, good news! You definitely can create a unique atmosphere in your home by making a happy room for your kid. The room that will grow with your child and accompany him in his development.

Here in „Raumelfen“ you’ll find two brands, French Vibel and Spanish Asoral, that offer one of a kind, flexible kid’s furniture. You buy it when you child is born and they grow together up to the teen age. Forget about boring 2-story beds from our childhood. That’s a whole new story: contemporary and vibrant.

What’s more  - it doesn’t stop on furniture itself. At this shop you can choose the supporting accessories:  lighting and curtains. Or, you can order an in-house decoration & installation service, either for existing room or for a brand new. Make your child happy!

Lange Gasse 34 | 1080 Wien

www.dieraumelfen.at/ | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tue- Fri: 10h30-17h00 | Sat: 10h00-14h00

U2 Rathaus | Tram 43 and 44 , Station Lange Gasse, Tram 2 Station Lederergasse


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