Mädchen und Buben

Mädchen und Buben - ecofriendly toys with personality

Ökologische Spielsachen mit Charakter

This shop has lots in common with the district it’s located in, the 9th: it’s one of the fanciest places in town and, although it’s quite small, it’s packed with interesting stuff.

Forget about plastic, introduce your kids to a whole new world of eco-friendly toys: wooden and knitted.
You might want to spend some time here to explore the assortment of “M?dchen und Buben”. Here you’ll find such brands as Fürnis, Latitude and Djeco. Our absolute favourites are those hand-knitted woolly Grannimals.

Toys with personality and fantasy live here. Toys that will settle in your home for a long time

Servitengasse 4A | 1090 Wien


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Mon- Fri: 09h30-18h30 | Sat: 09h30-14h00

U4 Rossauer Lände | Tram D Schlickgasse

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