VEGANZ - the vegan supermarket

Find organic products on vegan base in the Supermarket Veganz

First vegan supermarket chain in Europe

The world of the last decade was downshifting - that meant for lots of people, tired from the rat-race and burnout at work a new kind of freedom. Some left it all behind and moved to Goa, India. However for some of them the change starts right here, with their own body. No need to move somewhere to make your life a little bit better. Perhaps, that came to mind of Jan Bredack, the Berliner with the big career at Mercedes in the past and now the owner of the Veganz – first vegan full-assortment supermarket chain in Europe.  

Veganz is expanding quickly, and that’s no wonder, as more and more people nowadays choose to be vegan or vegetarian. Actually there are already around 760 000 of them in Austria (IFES-Study: 2013). Now we all in Vienna may try Veganz, right in the middle of 4th district in the Margaretenstrasse.


Perhaps you’ll spend some time exploring the wide selection of products, but you definitely need no time to spend on reading the labels and proofing that it’s vegan. Even if you are not a vegan or vegetarian, you’ll surely find here something for you. Up to 80% of all the products are organic, some, like vegan meat and cheese from American and Canadian producers, are sold here exclusively. And there is also a bistro, Vresh2go, which offers fresh salads, sandwiches, smoothies and cookies every day.

Mon-Fri: 08h00-20h00  |  Sat: 08h00-18h00

Margaretenstraße 44 |  1040 Wien

U4 Kettenbrückengasse | U1 Taubstummengasse

Bus 13A Margaretenstr. / Schönbrunner Str. | Bus 59A Margaretenstraße / Preßgasse
Tram 1, 62 Paulanergasse

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