One of the miost romantic places in Vienna, Austria: the Türkenschanzpark

The park for romance with a historical twist


Vienna is known for its big amount of greenery and parks. Probably a rendezvous in any park would have been great. However, only some of them are just perfect for your romantic endeavours.

Here is our first choice – Türkenschanzpark –  the park for romance with a historical twist.

One of the romantic Waterfals in the Türkenschanzpark


A romantic creek in the Türkenschanzpark in Vienna, Austria


It got its name after the Turkish entrenchment (Schanze) during Turkish siege, the military conflict between Austrians and Osmanian Empire in 1529. Since then only one monument that was a friendly gift from Turkish embassy reminds us about those times. The park itself was built in English landscape style.

From the time when Emperor Franz Joseph opened the park in 1888, it has seen already few generations of people in love. There is no doubt, you’ll find your favourite bench here, under the centennial sycamore tree with amazing view at one of the ponds or a waterfall. But there is even more:  the astonishing view over Vienna and Vienna Woods from the Pauline Tower, named after the Princess Pauline Metternich. On some weekends it’s opened for all those, who are in love with Vienna. 

18th district, between Peter-Jordan-Straße, Gregor-Mendel-Straße, Hasenauerstraße und Max-Emanuel-Straße



Bus 40a, Tram 40, 41

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