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Retro Velos à Vienne, Autriche - Rent a Legendary Bike!

Rent a Legendary Bike!


As you might’ve noticed, there are lots of different types of bikes on the streets of Vienna. Still not sure which one to choose? Why not try a legendary Austrian Puch bike? Back in the 80s these road bikes were the most valuable bikes one could’ve got and still easily compete with all the modern brothers.



Retro Velos à Vienne, Autriche. Location de vélos legendaires de Puch


Puch company was founded in 1889 in Graz and was also known as Austro-Daimler in the American market. It had produced bikes, mopeds, automobiles and motorcycles. But also engines for Fiat, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. Unfortunately, the company didn’t survive the competition despite of the technical know-how, which led to the sold-out. But ever since it’s a legendary name.


You can rent your Puch at Retro Velos for €39/month. Minimum rent is one month. Just drop a short email here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enjoy the ride!


Margaretenstrasse 131 | 1050 Wien +43 664 456 04 08



U4 Margaretengürtel


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