Arena Wien

Our insider tip for alternative art in Vienna

A place for alternative music events of all kinds

If you enjoy alternative music, be it rock, punk or indie, but are not particularly fond of big concert halls, here is one of the best stages: it’s called Arena Wien. 

Not only it’s a site for alternative music concerts, parties, fests, open air movie theatre in summer, but also it has an interesting history of its own. It started to function in 70s, at times when there were almost no places for underground culture and year-round maintained alternative spots were of no existence. Arena is located in the former slaughter house that has an architectural and memorial value.

It’s also said that Leonard Cohen described it as „best place in Vienna“, „best place in Europe“, or „best place in the World.“ 

Baumgasse 80 | 1030 Wien | +43-1-7988595

Office open Mon–Fri 11h00–17h00 

Events: have a look at their website | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

U3 (Erdberg)


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