Cuadros Lifestyle, elements for living

Cuadros Lifestyle, elements for living

Style up your living space!

Isn’t it amazing that some of the things we could’ve only dreamed about in the past already exist. Have you ever wondered how to redecorate your flat without big investments and all that mess? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of that traditional British red telephone box right in your hall-way?

Here it is – Cuadros – the place that specializes in wall decoration. It’s an international concept originated in Germany for more than a decade ago. It’s biggest ever collection of self-adhesive wall tattoos, wall-papers, 3-D stickers, stickers for kids room in all possible variations: pictures (up to really big wall sizes), prints, ornaments, various objects and animals; letters, words and phrases (both in English and German). Also there are “normal” not self-adhesive pictures made on different materials like canvas, acryl glass, wood or ceramics; watches, light and small home accessories. Furthermore, Cuadros offers individual solutions for living and business spaces, like hotels, kindergartens and schools.

We love their magnetic sticky boards for walls, furniture and doors. They come in different sizes, shapes and not only in typical black or green colours, and you can write on them with a chalk or with a marker. Fantastic solution for almost any room.

There is definitely something for everyone!

Stiftgasse 13 | 1070 Wien

Monday - friday  12h00 - 19h00 | Saturday  10h00 - 17h00 

http://www.cuadros-austria.atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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