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We devote this site to the city of Vienna, our home city. As natural born travellers we are fond of discovering new things, people and possibilities, and first of all around us.


The biggest problem for a traveller nowadays is the enormous amount of data, and so much less of a time. Surely, there are lots of info sources and you’ll definitely find information  about sightseeing in Vienna instantly. However, when it comes to finding more than a standard touristic sightseeing package, here you’ll need to dig up. Thus, we’d love to make it for you a little bit more clear and easy, so you could also experience much more of Vienna, instantly! 


What we show here on our pages reflects solely our taste, experience and our style of life. Our goal is not to show every “different” shop or restaurant, but only those with a special flair, those that are worth a visit, and those that we would recommend to our friends. What we show might be just not big enough to be noticed, or it’s something unusual in the big and usual.  

We strive to extend and enrich your Vienna experience without “data noise”.

Here are our ABC’s (guide-lines): 


a.)    We decide upon our completely subjective criteria about the content of our site.


b.)  We support small businesses that are responsible for Vienna's unique diversity and charm and often do not have the financial power to be listed in the diverse online and offline guides.


c.)   All descriptions are composed by us. We discover, visit, observe and taste at our own expense.


d.)   We are open to partnership. It may come in versatile forms. On the other side, for our readers, for instance, we mark partners’ articles accordingly. However, our decision, when it comes to partnership, is based on our goals and guidelines mentioned above.  


e.)  The area of newsletters sticks to the same rules. 


f.)     If you’d like to make us a personal or business proposal, please contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Team of My Little Vienna.


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