Grätzlhotel Karmelitermarkt

The Grätzlhotel Karmelitermarkt shows you the beauty of the jewish cultural centre in Vienna


The grätzlhotel karmelitermarkt is far more than a hotel. The individual suites are located in former business premises, the original use of which is reflected in modern design. You can check in completely autonomously and without reception. At the main entrance of the Grossen Sperlgasse 6 you will find the keys where you can use your personal code to obtain your keys.

In 7 beautifully designed suites, you can stay close to the action and feel like a real Viennese. Only one kilometer from Stephansplatz, you can also reach all the sights on foot - but why go into the "distance"? Even around the hotel you can discover a lot of Viennese.

In the Grätzl around the Karmelitermarkt you know each other and the people like to take time for a nice Plauscherl, the latest gossip and gossip and some shame. You can experience the real Vienna in this Grätzl with your own ears and eyes at almost every corner. Dive into the probably most Jewish part of the Donaumetropole and learn what Grätzl has to offer.

Vienna is known for its "Schmäh", charm and, yes, its grant. But as the city really is, one only knows when one can discover and experience it with the eyes and ears of the locals.

Address: Große Sperlgasse 6 1020 Wien Österreich

Telephone: +43 1 208 39 04


E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Public transports : U2 Taborstrasse | Strassenbahn: 2

The Grätzlhotel Karmelitermarkt is centrally located

The ambiance of the Grätzlhotel Karmelitermarkt is enormous


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