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The Hotel Schani Wien combines Viennese tradition and modernity and can not be found in any other city in this way. There you will find Viennese expressions and traditional elements of Viennese culture, as well as the Vienna of the future, with changing exhibitions and local artists.


In April 2015, the Belvedere district of Vienna opened a unique hotel concept for an individual Viennese experience: not only the name - Hotel Schani Vienna, from the Old Viennese term "Schanigarten" - combines tradition with modernity.

Guests can experience a modern Vienna experience, through the coworking concept in the lobby, through events and exhibitions in the hotel, through trendy, modern interiors in the 135 rooms and smart maisonettes, as well as the possibility of using the smartphone as a room key and one And check out. On the other hand, the Hotel Schani Wien does not lose sight of its roots: traditional elements of the Viennese culture are part of the hotel, built into the façade of the building, which is decorated with a typical Viennese braid, as well as the Schanigarten in the green courtyard. The coworking space in the lobby allows guests, as well as local entrepreneurs, to work together, to hold meetings and to establish networks.


An absolute plus of the Hotel Schani Vienna is the location. The main railway station in front of the door is a central traffic point, where you can get numerous trams, buses, rapid transit lines and underground as fast as possible and environmentally friendly to your destination.


The Hotel Schani Wien is the second hotel of the Komarek family. We are already running the third-generation Hotel Gallitzinberg at the Wilhelminenberg in the 16th district. The house has been there since 1929, formerly it was a popular guest house for excursionists the recreation in the green. Today it is an environmentally friendly and family-run hotel and was one of the first hotels to receive the environmental award of the City of Vienna. It serves as a retreat for families and was awarded the Ottakring's most child-friendly business in 2014 (

The youngest son, Benedikt Komarek, continues with the hotel Schani Vienna the successful hotelier tradition of the family with its own forward-looking hotel and new ideas.

Adresse:Karl-Popper-Straße 22 | 1100 Wien

Telephon: +43 1 955 07 15


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